“Homeland,” a novel by Cris Mazza


Red Hen Press, 2003.

A Review by Harriet Rafter.

You know the story: a man, or a family, but usually two people, wander through the California countryside searching for a job, a home, a community, a new life. They may ride in a jalopy, or on a horse, but typically they straggle on foot, though the deserts, or the mountains, or the central valley–those sites of potential plenty, which our heroes pray will yield them gold or glory or at least physical sustenance. (more…)

“Eat Everything Before You Die,” a novel by Jeffery Chan

Eat Everything Before You Die

Eat Everything Before You Die: a Chinaman in the Counterculture; a novel by Jeffery Paul Chan. U. of Washington Press, 304 pp., $22.50 hardcover. ISBN: 0-295-98436-8

A review by George Leonard

Jeffery Paul Chan is the new Henry Miller; or Toni Morrison, take your pick. Miller, Morrison and Chan are prose poets, who construct their plots like serial monologs in chains of modernist set pieces.

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